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Privacy Policy


We present this policy to give you a clear understanding of how we operate our website and how we handle your personal information.

This privacy policy may be revised periodically. We recommend that you read from time to time our privacy policy posted on our website at www.medforma.com in case you missed our notice of updates or changes to the policy.

When you simply visit and navigate our website, we will not collect personal information about you unless you provide us that information voluntarily. By "personal information," we mean data that is unique to an individual, such as a name, address, e-mail address or telephone number.


We require you to register for certain services, including our Health Portrait™ Health, Lifestyle and Readiness Assessment (HLRA) and all our interactive Behavior Change programs and information, Group Portrait™ reports, and other features, including printing and emailing personal and company reports. When you use these features, we will clearly disclose what information is required, what information is optional and how that information may be used.

When you register and participate in our services, we require certain information: e-mail address, age, gender, self reported health information, etc. We also ask you to select a personal password. In addition, if your company is providing this service we generally have additional information, including your company's name, city, state and country.

We use this information to produce health reports for you and your company in aggregate form only. In other words, we combine the information with data collected from you and other individuals in your group to produce anonymous, aggregated statistical information. We do not generate reports on less than 50 employees as required by law (HIPPA). We may also collect general use demographic information, such as the percentage of female visitors or the number of visitors of a certain age, in order to improve the content of our site. We also may share this anonymous, aggregated information, which does not identify individuals, with partners, or other third parties. In instances where third parties may receive anonymous, aggregated user information collected on our site, our agreements with the third parties, including partners, generally provide that the third parties will not use the anonymous, aggregated user information to identify individual users or sell, disclose or provide access to any user information collected on our site that would identify any individual or connect any individual to specific illnesses or conditions.

We treat any personal information you give us as confidential. Medforma Health Portrait™ will not disclose to third parties any identifying personal information gathered from you during registration other features unless (1) we tell you how your information will be used and you give Medforma Health Portrait™ specific permission to share this information or (2) Medforma Health Portrait™ is required to disclose such information by any applicable law or legal process (like a subpoena or court order). Where we disclose identifying personal information to third parties with your authorization, we will require the recipient to use the information only for the purpose provided.

Security of Information

We commit to use security procedures to protect personal information you submit to us from misuse or unauthorized disclosure. The personal information that you submit to us is stored in our secure database behind an electronic firewall. You can access your personal information only by using a password. We encourage you to change your password regularly and not to share it with anyone. We encrypt your stored password for your privacy.

Access to the data within Medforma Health Portrait™ is limited to a few computer technicians for our site who need to maintain the database and who also use passwords for that access, as well as outside vendors who may occasionally assist us in maintaining and improving our hardware and software tools.

Medforma Health Portrait™ makes every effort to safeguard your personal information. However, like other Internet sites, we cannot guarantee that it is completely secure from people who might attempt to evade security measures or intercept transmissions over the Internet.

Similarly, we cannot completely ensure the privacy of e-mail communications to and from our site because they are not encrypted and, therefore, not secure. These communications, like most Internet e-mail, could be intercepted without your knowledge and permission, while in transit to or from our site. This includes e-mail you send to us through our various mailboxes and information e-mailed from our site to others such as "Send this page". If you are concerned about your privacy, we suggest that you do not use e-mail to communicate information to us that you consider sensitive.

Changing or Deleting Your Personal Information

You can change the personal information in your Medforma Health Portrait™ profile at any time by clicking on the tool and typing over a previous answer. If you forget your password, you may reset your password in the Account Settings area of the website and we will e-mail a link to you that will allow you to change your password in our secure website. As with most e-mails, this transmission is not secure.

Unsubscribing from our site does not delete your personal information from our system. We will delete your personal registration information from the active and searchable areas of our system at your request. Be aware, however, that it is not feasible for us to remove every electronic record that may contain your data. We cannot remove copies of your information that may exist in records we create as backup in case our main data is lost. We also cannot delete information from anonymous, aggregated databases. This information cannot be linked to you. Medforma Health Portrait™ maintains and archives all personally-identifiable information provided by users. This data is retained in our archives and not deleted.

If you registered for our newsletter, blogs etc. and also want that information removed, please note that in your request. Please inform us if you used a different e-mail address or password when registering for these communication services. To have your registration information removed, send your request by e-mail to info@Medforma.com. You will receive a confirmation from us.

Privacy Concerns

If you have any concerns about the security or privacy of your personal identifiable information on the Medforma Health Portrait™ website, please contact us at info@Medforma.com.


Cookies are small bits of information placed on your computer's hard drive by a website. It is a simple text file that helps your browser to remember certain information that the website can later retrieve to streamline communication between your browser and the website. Medforma Health Portrait™ does not store this information. Our site can only read the cookies placed on your computer by us. We cannot access any information on your hard drive placed there by you or any other source.

Medforma Health Portrait™ uses only benign cookies that have no functionality. This means the cookie cannot do anything to your computer's hard drive and cannot read information from your computer's hard drive. Medforma Health Portrait™ uses cookies for user convenience. The cookie will tell our system certain information so you don't have to fill in the same information each time you visit us.

Cookies also may be used by Medforma Health Portrait™ on an aggregate basis to track site navigation. This information is not traceable to an individual user. Navigation streams are used to assist us in determining where people go when visiting our site and how long they stay in a particular area. This information is used to improve our site and may be shared with advertisers.

Unlike many other websites, Medforma Health Portrait™ does not use cookies to tailor information that appears during your visit to your preferences or your use of our site. If you click on a link to another reference website, be aware that Medforma has no control over the practices of other websites. Your computer may receive cookies from other sites and you will not be protected by Medforma security and privacy policies.

The cookie feature can be turned off on your browser. For more information on turning off the cookie feature, consult your browser help section. If you choose to turn off cookies, you can still access all areas of our site. Once the cookie feature on your browser is turned off, you might have to "refuse" a cookie each time you encounter one searching our site.

IP Addresses

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) whenever you access the Internet. This number may be the same each time you access the Internet or it may change. Like other Internet sites, Medforma Health Portrait™ uses IP addresses to collect aggregate information about numbers of visitors and site usage. The address is logged on our server when your computer requests information from Medforma Health Portrait™. However, to allow users to access our site anonymously, your IP address is not linked with personal information about you. Medforma Health Portrait™ reserves the right, in rare instances, to use IP addresses to identify individuals who abuse our security and terms of use.


When we run a contest, we may ask for personal information when you enter the contest. If so, we will describe in each instance why we are asking for that personal information and how we plan to use that information.

Leaving Medforma.com

This privacy policy applies only as long as you remain on the Medforma website (www.medforma.com). Once you leave medforma.com to visit another site, we have no control over your privacy or security issues even if you reached the other site by clicking on a link within medforma.com.

Effect of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is not intended to and does not create any contractual or legal rights in or on behalf of any party.